Document Management

optimal Data provide document management services

These Range From Digital Mailroom to Consultancy

Optimal Data offer a full range of other consultancy and document management services.

Document Management

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Digital Mailroom

Optimal Data's digital mailroom solution takes all incoming paper mail and converts it into an electronic format ready for integration into your workflow system. 

 Data Capture

Optimal Data's data capture services include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Survey processing
  • Forms processing

Online hosting

For organisations with multiple locations either locally or globally we have a solution that allows for access to scanned data round the clock - from anywhere with an internet connection by an authorised user.

Once we have scanned your paper-based documentation and converted it into a digital format, we can store the electronic data on our highly secure servers for immediate access. This means that staff, customers or suppliers in varied locations across the UK or on the other side of the world can access information instantly to view it, reference it, print it as a hard copy, or email it on to others.

We can also aggregate electronic data - for example, weekly, monthly, twice-yearly - and return it to you in a pre-agreed format to put on your system.

Documents can be stored using an indexing system we will develop with you prior to scanning so you can be assured everyone will be able to access the information from a common platform.

As we're hosting your information you don’t have to worry about servers or maintenance - we take care of everything.

Email Conversion

We all keep too many emails in our Inbox because we fear losing them or not being able to access them at a later date. With so much data and information buried in emails, it pays to ensure you have access to it if required.

When you consider that restoring emails from back up disc to a Microsoft server can result in up to 50% of them being lost, then it would be good to know that there is a better option.

At Optimal we have an email scanning solution that allows you to store emails locally on a disc or centrally, and to search and retrieve them in a PDF format. Even better, attachments keep their original format.

This means no information is lost and it can be retrieved and accessed easily and efficiently without the need for any proprietary software.

This means your emails are available and can be retrieved without using an exchange server or outlook.

Document Consultancy

As qualified chartered accountants, both directors have held senior management and partner positions at Big 4 firms. This gives us this invaluable strategic experience which we combine with our expert understanding and technical knowledge of document storage systems and networks to look more broadly at the way your organisation uses documentation.

From our accounting background we understand document management, its methods and its importance to organisations, meaning we are qualified to advise organisation on the best way to structure their indexing in order that access is made easy and instant across the organisation.

So whether you need help and advice on indexing strategies, general document management issues or more detailed software installations and maintenance, we have the expertise to help.