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Paper to Computer

Document Scanning is the conversion of information on paper to information on your computer. What was on paper can then be accessed over a network, from your notebook, Ipad or phone giving easy information access and flow.

But it's not that complicated to achieve. The scanning and indexing phases are relatively simple, particularly if you are doing it all the time. The key is to have a structured process to make sure what you want is what you get. Right from making sure everything is scanned and the images are good through to getting the right indexing, searchable texts and folders so you can find things straight away. 

It is best to sit down with us and we can understand your requirements and suggest a solution. We can even run trial scans to give you an example of what the process is and what the outcome will look like. This works well for larger projects as it can also help you in estimating costs. There is no mystery to document scanning like all projects it is a matter of planning and adherence to agreed procedures. The outcome should be exactly what is set out in the document scanning terms and conditions.




Our ProcessThe document scanning process starts with working out what you want and ends with the finished product.

We provide high quality services at a fixed price and we scan at a per unit cost. Our use of the latest high speed scanners allows us to provide professional services at great prices. This is all agreed and documented before the project starts.



Our Pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE.