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At Optimal Data we pride ourselves on making your data accessible to you in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Storage with us provides you with a full inventory of your documents stored through our web-based storage database and timely returns and collections. We can provide instant returns via our scan back service.


Optimal Data's premises are conveniently located right next to London Gatwick airport allowing timely access to all London areas and the majority of South East England


Our premises have restricted access with internal key entry doors and shutters and grill on the ground floor. 24hr full burglar and fire alarm.

Online Database

All clients have remote web based access to their section of their storage database providing them with full details of:

  • All boxes stored (including content)
  • Inventory catalogue
  • Barcode tracking
  • Location status reports
  • Destruction date reminders

Storage database

Instant Scan-Back

Our instant scan-back services allows you to retrieve individual documents as and when required by sending you a digital copy straight to you via email.

Scan back icons

Customer Service

Optimal Data pride themselves on providing full workable storage solutions for their clients. Our storage packages allow us to provide the same level of service to all clients irrespective of their size. The benefits to smaller clients can be seen from their ability to access a database detailing all boxes stored with us.