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Optimal Data Your Professional Services Company

We Can Help You With All Your Paper Document Needs

Let Optimal Data tell you about us. Optimal Data is a professional document services company. Our team has a wealth of experience in both corporate and local government environments and understand the nature of archiving, document management. Whats more important is we understand what matters to the client, and how to deliver the most suitable and cost effective solution. The key to good client relations is to give the client the best solution for their requirements. 

As a company, Optimal Data values client relationships and we pride ourselves on providing professional and outstanding service. We use our systematic approach to provide the best service we can. See our document scanning process as an example of our approach.

From the collection of documents, through to the data capture process, and delivery of electronic images Optimal Data is able to provide an efficient and professional service that meets you individual requirements.

Our approach

Every client relationship starts with one thing - listening. By defining how your organisation uses information and understanding your specific needs, we can develop a tailored solution that will enable you to:

  • access documents in a quick and timely way, ensuring you can maximise the value of paper-based information.
  • access to information in a format that uses non-proprietary software and which integrates easily into your existing systems.
  • achieve the full benefit of your existing electronic data management (EDM), or allow you to use core office network products to access information.
  • use resources more cost-effectively.