Document Scanning Provides Easy Access to Project Files

Document scanning assists a consulting civil engineering company access all project data. The company undertakes large long term contracts many for long periods and they use numerous subcontractors.

Each part of the project generates large volumes of data which is stored on paper and on computers. These must be kept and collated for easy reference.

At the end of the project or project stage the paper project files are collected and scanned into searchable text PDF format. The paper can range from AO plans to receipts for parking. In some cases some of the documents may be duplicates, but all must be scanned as many have written amendments on them.

Paper that has been used on construction sites can get damaged or marked. Optimal Data have procedures to make sure that paper is repaired and scanner settings are set to capture all the information. Our quality control procedures then double check that all the images are suitable.


Each project file structure is the same for all projects undertaken by our client. Once scanned the files must be indexed and put into the correct folder.

On completion of our document scanning exercise Optimal Data:
• Index the files to our Client’s standard format
• Put the files in the correct folder

This allows the client to find all relevant documents quickly and efficiently by:
• searching by the index
• searching by keywords using the searchable text

All project data is stored together electronically. Our client saves money by not having to search through wades of paper documents and the project files are available to all offices on their network.

Optimal Data's scanning and indexing service allows our client to keep all project documents stored together on their computer system for easy access. Documents are available for reference and to comply with any contractual or compliance obligations.