Benefits of Document Scanning

Save Money and Time through document scanning

Document Scanning Can Significantly Increase Your Business Efficiency

Benefits of Document Scanning

The benefits of document scanning come from the ability to integrate all information and documents into one system. That system is your computer system however sophisticated and no matter what size.

The benefits of document scanning arise from no information being left in isolation for example stored in a paper file somewhere in the organisation which you cannot easily find. With document scanning all information is in one place, the electronic data management or computer network.

Computer networking allows access to information within an organisation, whether there are 2 people in the organisation or 20,000. There are the technical complexities of user groups, SharePoint and integration of various systems but this has to be dealt with to run the organisation efficiently anyway.

Document scanning allows the paper data to be added on to the electronic data. Most of the work has already been done to create the computer system and manage the electronic data. Scanning of data held on paper maximises the benefit of this investment.

Information access

The user can access all information with the advantages that:

·         Information is always on hand

·         Documents can be easily retrieved

·         Information cannot be misfiled or lost

·         Information can be accessed from multiple locations

·         Information can be accessed by multiple users

Storage Cost Reduction

Another benefit is the reduction of storage space. Storage of 200 boxes is a lot more expensive than storage of 10 GB of data.

Disaster Recovery

Once the data is on the computer system then it will be backed up as part of the EDM backup schedules. It is very difficult to recreate paper data which has been destroyed.


Data that has been scanned and uploaded to the EDM is then subject to the policies of the computer system. For example user groups can be restricted or editing rights restricted.