Data and Image Return & Client Sign Off

Data and Image Return for Client Review and Signoff

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Data and Image Return

Once the documents have been scanned and indexed,  Optimal Data can return the scanned Images in a number of ways:
  • Secure web based download
  • Portable hard drive
No one knows the data like the client does because they own and use it. The client reviews the data and signs off to say the images on their computer system are scanned and indexed to their requirements. From now on the primary source of all data will be from the scanned images. Clients must advise on what is to happen to the original documents. These paper documents can either be: This is the closure of the document scanning process. The images are integrated onto the computer system and the new era of electronic instead of paper documents begins. The way to get the full benefit of document scanning is to fully integrate the scanned images with the rest of the EDM by making sure they are in the right folders, available to the right users and subject to the right policies and procedures. Back up is also vital. This data that was previously on paper now is subject to your EDM policy. Make sure it is treated as equal to all other data on that system.
Data Download

Data Return

The Scanning Process

Step 1 Determine Your Scanning Requirements

Step 2 Agree Document Scanning T&C’s

Step 3 Document Collection or Delivery

Step 4 Document Preparation for Scanning

Step 5 Intelligent Document Scanning

Step 6 File Indexing & Data Extraction

Step 7 Image Return & Client Sign Off