Our client processes cash back claims and manages warranty claims for various manufacturers in our Gatwick digital mailroom. Their skill set is processing data and liaising with their customers clients. They did not want to process paper particularly from expensive central city offices using skilled sales staff. They looked for a partner who could deliver the posted paper claims in an electronic format straight to their offices both in the UK and overseas within 24 hours of the claim being received. They then process that information and deal with the manufacturers and their clients.

Optimal Data digital mailroom service provides the solution by taking over our clients mail room function and doing the work at Gatwick.. We open, scan and index all mail and make it available via electronic download within 24 hours of receiving the mail. In addition we provide a log file in a CSV format of all mail received.  For the client it means they can concentrate on what they do best i.e. claims processing without diverting valuable resource to mail opening and scanning.

These tasks are suited to outsourcing. The bulk mail handling involving letter opening and sorting requires a certain skill set. Good with your hands and fast with the eye. It is also a tasked best suited to a low cost structure. Optimal Data operate at Gatwick. Close to London but without London rents. We have the room and the skilled staff to provide an excellent service.

Once the mail is sorted then the the paper is prepared for scanning. Staples removed and paper repaired when required.

The scanning is done on our IBML scanner.

Once scanned then the files can be indexed and data extracted by our various software.

The client can focus on their core service, dealing with the manufacturers customers and making sure they had a great buying experience and will remain loyal to the product.