Document Collection

The Documents Are Collected or Delivered to Optimal Data

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Collection Service

Now that we have agreed Terms and Conditions Optimal Data will commence your document scanning project. The first step is for Optimal Data to arrange for document collection or for the client to arrange delivery to us for scanning. The documents must be boxed for transport. If you want we can supply the boxes and also box the files if you require. 

We know that you may not have the resource to get the paper to us. Therefore we offer a range of document collection services allowing you the options of:

  • Optimal Data comes to your premises where we box and collect the paper
  • You box the paper ready for collection by Optimal Data; or
  • You can deliver the paper to us

We want to make the whole document scanning project to be as easy as possible for you and therefore you can choose which is the best option for you. This will involve thinking about the logistics of boxing and delivery. Will you have the resource to do it or will you have to get someone in?

Quite often the boxing of the paper documents will  involve sorting through files to work out what you want scanned and whether the paper documents have been filed and indexed properly. Do you do this yourself or can it be done as part of the scanning and indexing process?

When we book in the boxes we start our process. The boxes and files are logged and the audit and QC trail commences. Boxes are allocated to areas and staff to the job. With their full job specifications on each staff members worksheet document preparation can begin.

The Scanning Process

Step 1 Determine Your Scanning Requirements

Step 2 Agree Document Scanning T&C’s

Step 3 Document Collection or Delivery

Step 4 Document Preparation for Scanning

Step 5 Intelligent Document Scanning

Step 6 File Indexing & Data Extraction

Step 7 Image Return & Client Sign Off