Document Scanning Preparation

Optimal Data Prepare the Documents for Document Scanning

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Document Preparation for Document Scanning

Optimal Data’s staff prepare the paper for document scanning. This is the messy bit and the big variable in all costing. It is also a key area that the Client is outsourcing. Optimal Data's staff do this work all the time building up a key skill set in document preparation and procedures. They are not distracted by other roles such admin or reception.

Optimal Data is distinct in that it does not charge separately for preparation of paper (excluding receipts), i.e we don't charge by the hour. We review the paper during the course of negotiating terms and conditions and agree a fixed unit cost for the document  preparation of the paper reviewed .

Preparing Documents for Scanning

Document preparation

The document preparation involves:

  • Removal from folders
  • Removal of staples
  • Repair of any damaged paper
  • Reposition post it notes
  • Insertion of barcodes for folders

Document preparation is done to our set procedures and tasks set so that the documents have a clean image taken and are foldered and indexed as per the Terms and Conditions.

Simple procedures for client security and job efficiency are used such as staff only working on one job at a time and only having one job on their workstation at a time. Efficient document preparation makes for a smooth and professional document scanning process.

The Scanning Process

Step 1 Determine Your Scanning Requirements

Step 2 Agree Document Scanning T&C’s

Step 3 Document Collection or Delivery

Step 4 Document Preparation for Scanning

Step 5 Intelligent Document Scanning

Step 6 File Indexing & Data Extraction

Step 7 Image Return & Client Sign Off