Document Scanning Terms and Conditions

The Agreed Procedures Deliverables and Cost Are Clearly Set Out in the Signed Terms and Conditions

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Optimal Data  agree with you the  cost and specifications of any document scanning project prior to it commencing. These are set out in our document scanning terms and conditions.

Our standard approach is to agree a unit cost for scanning paper. This includes the preparation of the paper for scanning and the scanning of the paper. We do not charge an hourly preparation charge except where the paper is of below average quality.


Extract from Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are the backbone of the document scanning project. This is where we agree and specify all aspects of the project including:


Everything is Agreed in Writing

  • Unit costs for scanning and indexing and payment terms
  • Reporting requirements including who the contact people are at both Optimal Data and our client
  • Time Frame for the project
  • Scanning requirements being 200 or 300 DPI, colour or black-and-white
  • Image file output such as tiff, PDF or JPEG
  • OCR requirements for the image file
  • Foldering Requirements-how at the electronic images to be filed
  • Indexing requirements-how the electronic images to be indexed
  • Return requirements-download, DVD et cetera
  • Whether the paper is to be returned, stored or shredded

Prior to the project commencing all aspects of the project will be reviewed, agreed and included in the Document Scanning Terms and Conditions. You will be able to review all aspects of the scanning project prior to work commencing.

The Scanning Process


Step 1 Determine Your Scanning Requirements

Step 2 Agree Document Scanning T&C’s

Step 3 Document Collection or Delivery

Step 4 Document Preparation for Scanning

Step 5 Intelligent Document Scanning

Step 6 File Indexing & Data Extraction

Step 7 Image Return & Client Sign Off