Optimal Data provide Document Shredding Services in London and the South East

Our Document Shredding Services Range From Secure Bins Cleared Regularly to One Off Clearances

Document Shredding

As well as being experts in managing and storing live and archive data, we  provide a document shredding service. We fully service all your paper document requirements, from document scanning and document storage through to secure document shredding.

Our document shredding services include:

  • Shredding the paper we have scanned for you where there is no requirement for retention
  • Shredding paper that we have stored for you and is due for destruction
  • One off document shredding projects
  • Regular shredding projects e.g. collections every week

As well as collecting the shredding in your containers, we can provide you with a range of containers for your shredding:

  • Heavy duty recyclable sacks holding up to 20 kg’s of paper with a simple pull tight zip ties which provide secure enclosure.
  • Paper recycling bins ranging from 20 kg secure office cabinets to 120 kg lockable wheelie bins

We  treat all your documents due for destruction with the utmost of care, ensuring confidentiality is maintained and that compliance with the Data Protection Act is upheld. Certificates of destruction are issued to ensure that a full audit trail is documented and available.

document shredding bin

Once shredded your paper documents are 100% recycled by authorised contractors with the following accreditation:

Quality Certificates

 We can also arrange for the secure destruction of your electronic media such as :Hard Drive Shredding

  • Hard Drives
  • Backup Magnetic Tapes
  • Floppy Disks and CDs / DVDs
  • USB Flash Drives / Memory Sticks

This is how we do the secure destruction

  • Your bags are secured with a tamperproof seal that has a unique code.
  • Your hardware is kept, prior to being shredded, in our warehouse which is a secure and fully alarmed unit.
  • Your materials are shredded beyond recognition.
  • Once your hardware has been destroyed we give you a certificate of destruction

Our pricing is based on the volume of paper to be shredded and the number of times our bins have to be cleared. There may be additional charges for non recyclable items included with the paper.

Call Us about  your document shredding or electronic media destruction. We will discuss with you the options available and provide a secure and cost effective service.