Legal Document Scanning

Legal Document Scanning

Optimal Data's Professional Approach Ensures The Best Results

Optimal Data has a solid basis in Professional Services as both Directors are Chartered Accountants. We understand the importance of retaining accurate copies of all records and making them readily available to approved users.  With our use of:

  • Approved Work Flow Processes
  • Latest Scanning Technology and Software
  • Consistently High Standard of Work and QC

We provide our clients with the highest level of quality service in legal document scanning.Legal Document Scanning

This allows us to ensure your document retention requirements are met and the all work undertaken fully integrates with your system requirements.

Our Legal Document Scanning Services include Scanning, Indexing and Conversion to Searchable Text of:

  • Case Files
  • Client Files
  • Contracts
  • Court Files
  • Claims Files
  • Property Files

Our professional base allows us to fully understand your requirements and ensure you receive the best value professional service.

Our detailed scanning process is clear and precise. Please look at how we undertake our scanning.

Our Process for Legal Document Scanning


Document Scanning Process

Document Scanning Process