Document Scanning Requirements

Understanding Your Document Scanning Requirements Is Key

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Scanning Needs

Why am I Scanning

Optimal Data will discuss with you your document scanning requirements.

The start point is to identify the objectives of the scanning exercise. This would include a review of why the documents are being retained and how the scanned documents will be used. Documents are retained for a number of reasons ranging from:

  • immediate use of information e.g. invoice or wage records
  • evidential requirements e.g. for HMRC
  • contractual or legal obligations e.g. property or medical

Data Acces

How do I Access the Data?

Optimal Data will suggest and discuss with you the document scanning and indexing solutions which will suit the objectives. We will discuss:

The paper to be scanned, in particular the volumes and amount of time required to prepare the paper for scanning.

What sort of electronic images available e.g. Colour, black and white, PDF, et cetera

How you want to store and access the electronic images which will determine how they are foldered and indexed. The more time critical information, the greater the indexing requirements.

What you want to do with the paper after it has been scanned?

Available Solutions

What is the Best Solution for me?

With this information Optimal Data will suggest options and costs for your document scanning. These will be discussed with you to allow you to make the choice on how you wish to proceed. This may involve a trial scan to demonstrate the solutions available and allow you to choose the best options.

Once you have reviewed Optimal Data’s suggested solutions and costs, you can then proceed with the document scanning exercise.


The Scanning Process

Step 1 Determine Your Scanning Requirements

Step 2 Agree Document Scanning T&C’s

Step 3 Document Collection or Delivery

Step 4 Document Preparation for Scanning

Step 5 Intelligent Document Scanning

Step 6 File Indexing & Data Extraction

Step 7 Image Return & Client Sign Off